Returns & Excess Inventory Services

Nora Murphy provides Returns & Excess Inventory Services including brokering, reprocessing and consigned remarketing programs to OEMs, Retailers and Resellers.

While returns and excess inventory are natural byproducts of commerce, they are typically liquidated at "pennies on the dollar".

Nora Murphy Co. takes a different approach. We start by auditing each asset to ensure that all resident data is eradicated to the current standards of Dept of Defense (5220.22-M) and other emerging standards (NIST). Then we set true spot-market valuations based upon actual configuration & condition detail. Only then do we leverage our network of B2B and B2C channels (including Public & Private e-Marketplaces, Affinity e-Tail Stores, and our global Wholesale network) to resell each asset with control and confidence.

Our approach results in compliant and sustainable reverse lifecycle programs as we pro-actively manage each client's portfolio to achieve their optimal blend of recovery, velocity and brand control.

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IT Asset Disposition Services

Nora Murphy also provides IT Asset Disposition Services to organizations of all sizes. We will either buy or consign remarket your assets or we will contract in a consulting engagement to implement a compliant and sustainable ITAD program. Either way, we ensure that your organization is protected from the evolving data security and e-waste liabilities; that your value recovery is maximized; and that all recycling (disposal) processes comply with the BAN protocol.

Our Comprehensive ITAD Program Engagement consists of Contract & SLA Review and Implementation (from de-installation through downstream disposal); Process & Documentation Review and Mapping; Reporting Review and Verification; and Value Recovery Analysis and Optimization. Generally, the increased value recovered offsets our fees!

Or start with an independent, yet inexpensive IT Disposition Assessment! Here, we identify potential contract & SLA issues, process & documentation gaps, data & e-waste risk exposures, and opportunities for increased value recovery.

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